Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Coming back to Life

Most folks I know have been wondering what happened to me...wondering where I've been. Well, I have been " living the dream", a.k.a. Working my Ass off for months!

May 1st is the beginning of "our season" starting with tomato planting, catering picks up (this season was kicked off with a pig roast for 200!), then it is tending to the farm and going on catering site visits. By July we are picking some produce and the CSA produce box subscriptions begin for the next 12 weeks. 

We were very lucky this year to have more and bigger events than ever before! We did more than 10 pig roasts, weddings at wineries, weddings on hilltops, dinners for 6, dinner for 400!

People ask me, with a little awe and ...not sure what else, "how do you guys do it? How can you work so hard day after day"? I smile and say, "oh, we love it"!

We really DO love it, but hell! I am exhausted! I am pushing myself to get work done. Being this busy is a happy problem, please don't get me wrong. We are committed to the restaurant, to the catering division, to the farm, to our animals and most importantly, to one another.

While in the throws of event season I did do a couple wacky things, like the time when I reached into my purse at an event to pull out my cell phone...and instead pulled out the tv remote control. During this season I have lost my ear piece, lost my jam box, lost my favorite watch and haven't had time to look for it! Shoot, I need to stop writing and finish my taxes!!!

Our last wedding was the most complicated event I have ever coordinated (130 guests on a huge piece of private property and locations with 3 bars and running water in only one of the locations). It was a smashing success! The client was happy, the staff was great and I was overjoyed and relieved.

What I didn't expect as a result of all of my brain power being immersed in the wedding has been the inability for my brain to accept any new information! I believe I truly lost my mind! I never imagined this kind of outcome. I believe this is sometimes referred to as burn out. Hmmm...

We do have some very fun little getaways planned for November (thank God for house sitters!) and I have finally opened my Mother's treasure chest of beads! I can hear my friends saying NO...not another hobby!

Color and texture make me happy so I will play and design and dream...and repair my tired soul!

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