Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Long and Winding Road

I'm Back!

After taking a break from blogging in favor of that hussy and temptress Facebook, I am ready to return to my original love...Eastside Farm Chronicles.

In the past two years we have: raised prized winning tomatoes and collard greens, gone from a very large plot of rented land to just our own property (drought was a part of that decision), from a flock of 70+ chickens to their heartbreaking slaughter of all but 6 by a fox pair. *We replaced them and now we have about 54 hens and one little, but busy rooster!

The greatest impact on our life has been the departure of our restaurant business partner. Believing myself to be Super Woman I was convinced I could continue to run both the catering division and take over the duties of the partner. I have done that very thing...and are at the end of our catering season. Well, we do have one more weekend- Wine and Food Affair on Nov. 1&2 at ACORN Winery, but they are like family! 

Working as hard as we have has been exhausting yet it has been rewarding. We are blessed with an amazing support network starting with our families, friends and wonderful staff. 

The best thing to come out of all of the work and stress has been the relationship Jeff and I have. It was good and solid to begin with, but having one another to rely on AND get to do something 24/7 with the one you love, respect and admire, has been a gift! I love you, Honey!

After working from mid-March to yesterday with 3 days off, would you believe we have left town and are in Oxford, Mississippi for the annual Southern Foodways Alliance Symposium! Vacation has begun! We had an amazing dinner tonight at SnackBar. Truly worth flying this far to eat it. 

Tomorrow I will post pictures and re-establish my connection with my writing and with all of you that read it. 

Love to all of you!

*i got new red cowboy boots! Yee Haw!